Summer has arrived on Long Island and when it comes to the housing market at least, things look quite a bit different than they did last year. Month after month of red-hot growth has noticeably cooled as inventory remains low and interest rates continue to impact affordability. Yet if you’ve been thinking of making a move, it’s still a great to list your home on Long Island. In our conversations with our clients, we’ve discovered there are a few main reasons motivating people to put their homes on the market this summer. If any of these resonate with you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team to find out what the Pesce & Lanzillotta Team can do to help you get the most money possible for your property!

Your Lifestyle or Circumstances Have Changed

Did you recently celebrate a high school graduation? Maybe you welcomed a new baby into the family this spring. Perhaps your parents are getting older and you’re thinking of bringing them to live with you. Maybe you’re planning to retire next year and want to travel. Life is always changing, and the home that’s been perfect for you for years can suddenly feel like the wrong fit. Whatever lies ahead for you and your family, your home should be a place of refuge rather than a stressor. If you need to make a change, click here to see what’s on the market now or reach out to our team for personalized help to plan your next steps.

You Want to Be Closer to Family or Friends

Many people moved during the height of the pandemic. Some people moved out of the city to properties with more space and more land on Long Island. Others decided to downsize out of the family home they’ve had for decades. Now that the pandemic has come to an end, maybe you’re missing the community you had before or want to move closer to family and friends. If you’re feeling disconnected in your current neighborhood, this summer might be the time to think about making a change. The Federal Reserve recently announced they are pausing interest rate hikes, so we can expect mortgage rates to stay stable this summer. Wondering what you can afford in today’s market? Reach out – we’ll put you in touch with one of our trusted lender partners.

You’d Like to Move into a Different School District

Many of the clients we work with during the summer are families looking to get settled into their next home before the school year starts. We have several excellent school districts on Long Island and even for people without kids, owning a home in a good school district is a smart idea. Whether your kids are just starting in the public school system, you’re looking to switch high schools, or you’ve had your eye on a private school, we can help you find a great home inside your ideal school district.

You’re Ready for a Change

We believe that the right time to sell your home is when the moment is right for you. Markets go up and down. Some favor sellers, some favor buyers. If you’re feeling ready for something new, there’s no reason to hold onto your home just to try and time it “right.” We know how to help you maximize your sales potential in every market!


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